Creations in Nature

Land Art by Dietmar Voorwold

Fine Art in Nature

Introductory Movie:

On the following pages you will see a selection of my land art creations. Many of them are created along the stunning coasts of Scotland, others are made in Germany, on the beaches of Crete and elsewhere. The forces of Nature at work on these short-lived pieces of art transform them, so that they are no longer recognizeable as the initial creation. They are designs in the context of large designs, the Nature, which surprises us in its beauty, variety and ingenuity.

Photography is another important part of my art. I freeze a little moment. The right timing in combination with patience and flexibility is a valuable assumption. The never ending coming and going, creating and letting go again – the transience and unpredictable changeability in Nature is a very charming aspect of my artwork.

Installations, Photography and Presentation: Dietmar Voorwold
Web-Design: Tony Boyce, Elgin, Morayshire, Scotland

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July 2024
AmWeg 211, Logie Bridge, Highlands, Scotland
July – Image from my Timeless Calendar – (