Creations in Nature

Land Art by Dietmar Voorwold

Fine Art in Nature


„LandArt – art in and with nature – has become an essential part of my work. Nature offers everything necessary for an aesthetic work of art, i.e. materials to create something, colours, light und a vast open canvas. Here I can live out my creative passion without limitation, enabling the movement of freedom and the pleasure of breathing deeply.

I spend a lot of time along the coasts of Morayshire in the North of Scotland, where nature, sometimes during the course of a single day, moves through ever changing qualities in colour, light and weather, thus creating a lively spectacle throughout the sky and the interplay with earth.

I express my love of landscape through the art of Photography. The impermanence of my work, however, is also a very appealing aspect of making Landart creations, as it is simply part of nature.

My installations blend seamlessly into the landscape and often it looks as if they had been there forever. The right frequency is important to me. Harmony and authenticity. My artistic work has something to do with stillness. Peace with nature, with the weather, the stones, the light and the ocean. Peace with myself. And if I can smile at the end of the day, I know that I was able to allow for some peace.“